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Sunday, February 24, 2013

One Strategy to Stop Snacking When Your Not Really Hungry!!

When I was overweight I was constantly snacking when I wasn't really hungry. For me it was usually when I was bored or watching TV. I took three steps to stop the incessant snacking:

1. Assessed the Situation: I made a list of when I was "over snacking." I realized it was usually when I was bored or watching TV.

2. Created a Plan:  I decided I would make a list of things I could do instead of snacking; things I enjoyed doing that would keep my mind off food. I also decided I would post it in the places where I kept the food I was snacking on.

3. Took Action: I created an eye catching  list on my computer, printed it and posted it on my refrigerator and on my food cabinet where I keep my snacks. Every time I went to grab a snack I would see it and be reminded of the things I could do instead. I would pick an item from the list and do it!
What about you? When do you tend to over snack? What do you enjoy to do that you could do instead of snacking? Where in the house do you need to post your list of things to do?


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