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I also have learned that learning as much as possible about healthy living gives you the knowledge and expertise needed to lose weight the “right” way. So this blog includes regular posts, a book list, website list, TV list, video list and book and website of the month. In addition, there is a recipe of the month and product review section. Visitors to Weight Loss Aficionado can just enjoy the site for informational purposes or can comment on posts, ask questions, share resources, their triumphs and pitfalls during the weight loss process.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Bracelet That Counts Your Bites!

Press Release
Clemson University researchers are making every bite count

CLEMSON - Two Clemson University researchers seek to make diners mindful of mindless eating.

Psychology professor Eric Muth and electrical and computer engineering professor Adam Hoover have created the Bite Counter, a measurement device that will make it easier for people to monitor how much they eat. Worn like a watch, the Bite Counter device tracks a pattern of wrist-roll motion to identify when the wearer has taken a bite of food. Think of it as a pedometer for eating.

"At the societal level, current weight-loss and maintenance programs are failing to make a significant impact. Studies have shown that people tend to underestimate what they eat by large margins, mostly because traditional methods rely upon self–observation and reporting," said Muth. "Our preliminary data suggest that bite count can be used as a proxy for caloric count."

The advantage of the Bite Counter is that it is automated so that user bias is removed. The device can be used anywhere, such as at restaurants or while working, where people find it difficult to manually track and remember calories.

The device is not based on what happens in a single bite (i.e. exact grams or specific food nutrients), but in how it simplifies long-term monitoring. For commercialization, Bite Counters eventually will be sold as simple consumer electronics alongside such familiar devices as activity monitors, heart-rate monitors, GPS watches and pedometers. A device is available from Bite Technologies now for professional and research use at

"The device only requires that the user press a button to turn it on before eating and press the button again after the meal or snack is done. In between, the device automatically counts how many bites have been eaten," Hoover said.

In laboratory studies, the device has been shown to be more than 90 percent accurate in counting bites, regardless of the user, food, utensil or container, according to Hoover. However, there are few existing data on how bite count relates to calorie count or how a bite-counting device could be used for weight loss. The device will allow for such data to be more easily collected.

With prototypes completed and manufacturing under way, devices are being tested in 20 subjects for one month. The devices will store logs of bite-count activities, which will provide researchers baseline data for developing guidelines for completely new and innovative weight-loss studies.

Check out the video below.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Try FIT Radio for Free for a Month!

I was recently looking through the available apps for my iphone and came across FIT Radio. The app is amazing! If you like great music when you are working out this is the app for you!  It allows you to listen to commercial free music that is geared towards athletic activity. Once logged in you can choose music by genre, station or DJ. There are 14 genres, 14 stations and a list of top DJ’s to choose from. You also have the ability to favorite genres, stations and DJ’s so you can easily access your favorite music. I only wish it gave you the BPM’s (beats per minute) for each song. It only gives you the average BPM’s in a particular genre. It would be nice to be able to create music lists by specific BPM’s not just ranges.

Cost: FIT Radio lets you download their app (iphone and android) for a free one month trial.  After that, once you get hooked, it is $36 a year. But, I just went on livingsocial today and saw that for the next three days you can get a one year subscription for $18 instead of $36!

“Recent scientific research overwhelmingly reveals the correlation between workout performance and music choice.  As one doctor who has thoroughly researched music’s relationship to physical performance states, “…there is a science to choosing an effective exercise soundtrack [for working out]”, meaning that high-tempo music serves as a crucial motivating force for exercising.[2]  The professionally mixed non-stop musical compositions heard on FIT Radio make this scientific choice for its listeners an easy one, thus revealing another way FIT Radio stands apart from its market competitors”- FIT Radio.

I read the above quote on the FIT Radio website. How true this is. In my experience when you are working out to great music with the proper BPM for the activity it energizes you to perform better. So, if you like great music to work out to try FIT Radio for free for a month! For more information visit You can also checkout the video below.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Robot to Help You Lose Weight!!

Autom lady-bot will help you lose weight, love you regardless

Aw, this little cutie is so adorable -- until she denies you pizza and cheese fries. Autom, the 15-inch talking droid we first caught a glimpse of last year, is back and available for pre-order. Using the LCD touch screen, hungry dieters are prompted to enter daily calorie consumption and exercise habits -- to which the robot will respond kindly to keep you motivated. With face-tracking capabilities and a killingly sweet death stare, Autom is always watching, which might just make you feel guilty enough to skip the dip. The lady bot costs $195 for the deposit and $670 for the device through company's website. Slated to ship in 2012, apparently aiding the impending robot apocalypse doesn't come cheap. Check out the video below!

Try Dr. Oetker's Light Mousse!

Weight Loss Aficionado’s Favorite Things

I am always looking for low calories desserts to quench my sweet tooth! While doing my grocery shopping I came across Dr. Oetker mousse light mixes. They taste amazing, are easy to prepare and are only 50 calories a serving! They come in four flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. If you like your desserts sweet I recommend adding a sugar substitute to suit your taste. I add 6 packets of equal sweetener to the mix before I blend it. Yum!! So, if you want to try a satisfying low calorie dessert try Dr. Oetker mousse light mixes.  You can get more information at 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Try Clear American Pineapple Coconut Sparkling Water!

 Weight Loss Aficionado's Favorite Things

I love flavored sparkling water. So I usually try any brand I come across. I happened to be at Walmart the other day and came across the brand Clear American. I love anything coconut so I tried the pineapple coconut flavor. It taste amazing- like a Pina Colada without the liquor and without the calories!  It has zero calories, O caffeine and O sodium and tastes unbelievable.Clear American sparkling water also comes in the following flavors:  raspberry, black cherry, cranberry grape, white grape, lavender fuji apple, raspberry apple, golden peach, kiwi strawberry, pomegranate blueberry, mandarin orange, pom blue acai, key lime and strawberry. So, when you get a chance try Clear American sparkling water!