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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Slimming Body Wraps!

There are two companies that seems to be the lead in slimming body wraps: suddenly slimmer and suddenly slender. They claim that you will loose 7- 12 inches during the wrap. I wonder if that's just water weight?

I've visited a few sites where individuals who have received body wraps say they actually lost inches but the benefits only lasted a day or two because it was water weight that was lost. A qoute from Mary M on yahoo Answers, " Body wraps reduce the amount of water weight you have, not the amount of fat. So you will be slimmer for a couple days, but as your body recovers you'll gain all the water back."

None the less, it seems it would be worth while to get done if you have a special event to go to. Watch the body wrap videos below for more information

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