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Saturday, July 21, 2012

What to Wear at the Gym While on Your Weight Loss Journey!

A friend of mine who just started a diet confided in me that she feels uncomfortable when she is at the gym because most of the women are thinner than her. I remember having the same feeling when I first started my diet. Of course my feelings soon changed when I saw I had more stamina than most of the people in the room.

My advice to her was to put 100% into every class. The more she exercises the more endurance she will have. The more endurance she has the more confident she will be. The simple fact is, if she can physically outdo the "skinny girls" in the room what is there to be self conscience about! 

I remember observing everyone in class the first few weeks and choosing the two most impressive people in every class. My goal was to outdo them in six months and I did! Creating goals for yourself let's you focus on what's important improving yourself!

I also told her to choose her outfits wisely. Choosing your outfit for the gym is as important as choosing your outfit for work or for an evening out.  Looking good, simply said, gives you confidence! So, be strategic when buying exercise clothing; invest in quality exercise gear that emphasizes your best features and enhances the look of those you are not fond of.

Here are my tips:
1.     Always buy outfits! Match your pants, tee shirt or tank and sports bra. For example a black pair of spandex pants with neon green detailing and a neon green tee-shirt and sports bra. Don’t dress like your lounging around at home at the gym! The goal is to feel more confident and looking like a ragamuffin is not going to make you feel more confident.
2.     Buy exercise pants with at least 12% spandex! Spandex is your best friend when buying exercise pants! In addition to a minimum of 12% spandex, buy one size smaller than you normally wear in street clothing. This will give you extra support and make your body look more firm. If you have a little jiggle this strategy will help you control it. Stick to black if your legs are not toned. This helps give a slimmer silhouette.
3.     Wear a top that hides what makes you feel least confident! For example, if you have a “stomach pooch” you’re trying to hide there are tanks that are purposely made loose or ruched around the mid-section and if you hate your upper arms there are tee shirts that cut off just above the elbow.
4.     Do not wear exercise clothing that is too big for you! Often women think wearing large exercise clothing hides what they feel uncomfortable about. On the contrary, this strategy makes women look bigger as well as unkept!

Below are two examples of exercise tanks from Lululemon that help hide your stomach pooch!

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