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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Check Out the Run Keeper App!

As I discussed on my March 2nd post, my updated exercise routine includes running. This seems to be the only activity that really challenges my body at this point. I am now able to run for18 minutes straight (6 mph). My goal is to run 30 minutes straight by the end of May.

I found a great new free app that tracks your running. It is called Run Keeper. It allows you to track each run (distance, duration, pace, speed, heart rate, climb and calories burned). It also allows you to track your goals and your running routes, keep a digital diary of your running and research races in your area.

In 2011 PC World listed it as one of the top 49 Apps available for your phone. Here is the description from the PC World website: Run smarter: The RunKeeper app employs your smartphone's GPS radio to track the distance, time, pace, route, and elevation of your jogs. You can then sync your data to the RunKeeper Website and later view a history of your activity. The Pro version (for iPhone only) includes timing for interval training and audio cues, and it integrates with your music playlists. Free basic version, $10 premium version; Android, iPhone

Visit the website at 

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