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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Try Air and Paddle Board Yoga!

One of my favorite classes to take is yoga. There is nothing that can compare to the way you feel after a yoga class. It is a feeling of complete harmony, both of mind and body. I recently read about two new trends in yoga; air yoga and paddle board yoga.

Air yoga is done with the individual suspended in air on a hammock. When I saw the segment on air yoga on “The View” it reminded me of how much I loved flying high on the swig set in my back yard when I was a child.  It looked much easier than I had expected. Air yoga classes are offered in many major cities now.

Check out the segment on air yoga from “The View” below:

Paddle board yoga as you would guess is done on a paddle board in the ocean. Imagine, doing yoga with the beautiful blue sea below you. I would guess that it is a little bit more challenging than traditional yoga considering you have to balance yourself on a paddle board.  How exciting! Next time I go the Florida to visit my family I will try this out. Apparently, there are a many places in Miami to take paddle board yoga classes!

Check out the video below on paddle board yoga:

So, if you have the chance try air and paddle board yoga. I will definitely share my experience with you after I get the opportunity to try them both!

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