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Saturday, February 11, 2012

5 Fat Busters for 5 Body Types

As usual, I was watching Dr. Oz this week. This is definitely one of  the best  health focused shows on television! If you have not watched it before you should DVR it like I do and watch all the episodes pertaining to weight loss. On average there are about 3 shows per week on the topic. Warning: Do not buy everything (supplements, foods and other devices) he suggests. You'll go broke! Watch, learn and make educated purchases from time to time. 

This particular episode was about body types. My body type is what he calls “big belly”. I like my term better, “pudgy stomach”. At this point in my diet journey every part of my body except for my stomach looks lean. When I diet it is always the last place I lose weight. Don’t get me wrong, I have lost weight from my stomach during my diet journey but just not enough! 

Before I regularly started reading diet/ healthy eating books and articles I was under the assumption that the more core/ stomach exercises you do (I take four 45 minute ab classes a week) the smaller your stomach gets, WRONG! Exercising the stomach area does not reduce fat. It increases the size of your muscles, but if you don’t diet and do cardio to burn calories the fat will always hide the muscles. When I press down on my stomach I feel the vast increase of muscle, in fact I probably have a six pack under there but  not even I can see it because there is an overlay of fat! 

So for me and everyone else out there who struggles with a “pudgy stomach” Dr. Oz recommends the following:

Body Type #1: Big Belly
More than 50% of women have excess trunkal fat known as a big belly. Fat stored here is the most dangerous because it increases your risk for diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. By trimming inches from your waistline, you can reduce your risk of diseases by 50%.

Fat Buster: Belly-Busting CLA Breakfast:This belly-blasting muffin is loaded with MUFAS (monounsaturated fats) which reduce inflammation in the body and help decrease fat storage around the stomach. Pair it with the supplement conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which can turn belly fat cells off so you can’t store fat anymore.

  • Egg & Cheese Muffin(recipe on  
  • 1000mg Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) 
  • Bonus Fat Buster: Tomato is not only low in calories, but also is a natural diuretic and can help you get rid of belly bloat.

Read below and see what he recommends for you!

5 Fat Busters for 5 Body Types (

So long muffin top. Adios thunder thighs. Bye big booty. Dr. Oz has a revolutionary dietary approach that allows you to target trouble spots and reshape your body in just 5 days. Plus, he reveals the #1 supplement shown to help everyone burn fat. 
Are you struggling to get rid of belly bulge? Extra padding around your butt or thighs, or flab on your arms and upper body? New scientific research demonstrates how you can targets fat loss and transform your problem areas in just 5 days.
All it takes is one meal replacement a day for you to activate your body’s fat-burning mechanism and start melting away unwanted pounds. Dr. Oz has five replacement meals –one for each of five different body types: big bottom, big belly, big on top, big thighs and big all over. 

Follow this plan for just 5 days, along with implementing an overall healthy diet, and you’ll start to lose weight from your trouble spots.

Body Type #2: Big Bottom
Two-thirds of women have this body shape, the gynaeoid, more commonly known as big bottomed. Studies show that having a big behind is not as dangerous as having belly fat, and may even protect you against deadly illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. However, your bottom is the first place you gain weight and the toughest area to trim down because your body wants to store this fat as energy.

If you have a large bottom, your diet should be high in complex carbs and protein and low in fat. This type of diet makes it harder for your body to store unwanted fat on your behind.

  • 2 Cups Red Clover Tea: Red clover tea contains isoflavones, which can help regulate estrogen that contributes to fat on your bottom.
  • Pasta Primavera With Chicken (recipe on
  • Bonus Fat Buster: Firm Seats: Try this nonworkout workout that can raise your basal metabolic rate, the amount of energy your body expends at rest. By sitting on a firm seat, your butt muscles have to work against gravity to create your own cushion, which also stimulates core strength.

Body Type #3: Big on Top (Chest, Arms and Back)
Women who are big on top carry fat in their chest, arms and back and are the android type. Upper body fat is dangerous for your heart. Stress and lack of protein makes this problem area worse. However, the right combination of foods can melt away the extra fat.
  • Tex Mex Salad: Just like big bellies, people who carry weight in their upper body do well on a diet that emphasizes dairy. This salad has a decadent sour cream topping. Pair with 500mg of L-carnitine, which stimulates growth hormone and helps turn on the mechanism that burns off fat in those specific areas. Eat with an orange since vitamin C activates L-carnitine (recipe on
  • 500mg L-carnitine and 1 orange 
  • Bonus Fat Buster: Yoga. Do the Downward Dog pose: Get down on your hands and knees and put your bottom toward the sky. Hold yourself up like this as you lift your body up. This pose can help selectively burn fat in the upper bar of your body. Do for two minutes each day.

Body Type #4: Big Thighs
Trying to lose fat on your thighs can be very frustrating since the fat on your thighs is not very metabolically active. Those with big thighs, like those with a big behind do best with a low-fat, high-protein diet to help boost their metabolism.  
  • Fat Buster: Liquid Lunch: Make a protein drink with a secret fat-busting ingredient: white kidney bean extract, shown to help prevent carbs from being broken down into sugars and converted into fat in your thighs. Liquid Lunch Protein Drink (recipe on
Body Type #5: Big All Over                                                                                            
  • Fat Buster: Raspberry Ketone Supplement: If you are trying to tackle fat all over or simply want to lose weight, consider raspberry ketone supplements. Raspberry ketone, a natural compound found in red raspberries, helps your body to burn fat by breaking up fats within your cells. It contains the hormone adiponectin that boosts metabolism. The supplement is recommended because you’d have to eat 90 pounds of raspberries to get the same effect. Take 100mg of raspberry ketone at breakfast time. You can start to see results in just 5 days and more dramatic results over time. You can find it online and in health food stores for about $12.

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