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I have lost 118 pounds and have maintained the weight loss for two years. One of the things I have learned during the weight loss process is that it is much easier to reach and maintain your goal weight if you surround yourself with like-minded individuals to support you in the process (whether they be in person or online).

I also have learned that learning as much as possible about healthy living gives you the knowledge and expertise needed to lose weight the “right” way. So this blog includes regular posts, a book list, website list, TV list, video list and book and website of the month. In addition, there is a recipe of the month and product review section. Visitors to Weight Loss Aficionado can just enjoy the site for informational purposes or can comment on posts, ask questions, share resources, their triumphs and pitfalls during the weight loss process.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weigh Yourself Daily and Learn About Your Weight Fluctuations!

Most of the articles and books I have read recommend that you weigh yourself weekly because of the fluctuations you have regularly. When I first started my diet I weighed myself twice a day, morning and evening.  

It was interesting to see what behaviors caused my weight to go up and down. I learned that I always weigh more in the morning, which I found surprising because I figured I would weigh less then because I haven’t eaten for about 7 hours. I also learned I weigh more after eating a heavy meal or drinking a large amount of water. In addition, I learned that I weigh less after the gym and weigh more if I weigh myself on days I don’t go to the gym. 

After I learned all I needed to know about my weight fluctuations I began to weigh myself weekly as recommended. I weigh myself on the same day (Monday’s) and time of the day (9 pm after the gym) and also make sure I do not have clothing on when I weigh myself.  These particulars are important if you want to know your true weight loss each week. Lastly, immediately upon weighing myself I update my weight in my “myfitnesspal” account. Once my weight is in, a line graph of my weight loss and my total pounds lost is displayed. So, if you haven’t done so already, weight yourself twice a day for a week to learn more about you and your weight loss fluctuations!

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