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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Don’t Mindlessly Snack!

One of the major issues I had when I began my diet was my late night snacking. I would come home from a long day’s work ravenous. I would then eat a late dinner and keep snacking while relaxing or watching TV until I went to bed. In addition, I would “get hungry” in the middle of the night and snack on my main “trigger” food, nuts. Nuts are healthy but are high in calories and need to be eaten in moderation. Then, because of all the food I ate in the evening and during the night I wouldn’t be hungry at breakfast time. And, there began the vicious cycle.

There are several things I do now to ensure I do not mindlessly snack:
  1.  I ensure I plan out my meals ahead of time. I put what I plan to eat during the day into my "myfitnesspal" tracker and stick to it. If I decide to change something  last minute, which is rare, I just adjust it in "myfitnesspal". The great thing is that the minute I put the item in the tracker it gives me subtotal of calories consumed. 
  2. I do not keep “trigger” foods in the house. Instead, if I am really craving something I go to the corner store or deli and buy a small “one portion” bag or container of the item. I’ve learned that if you are really craving something you should allow yourself to have it once in a while, but make sure that it is only one serving worth. Completely removing it from the foods you eat will cause you to eventually binge and you don’t want that!
  3.  I keep fruit and water on my night table. This way if I get up at night and am “really” hungry, which is now rare, I will eat something healthy and low cal.
  4.  I always eat at the table, especially when I eat my evening snack.This for some reason makes me think more about what I am putting in my mouth.
  5.  I eat slowly and enjoy every bite of what I’m eating. This gives my stomach more time to feel full.
  6.  I always ensure if the food leaves the kitchen it is only one serving worth (i.e.  I don’t bring the box of Wheat Thins to the coach. I take 16, 1 serving, out of the box, put it on a plate and bring it to the table).
  7. I eat 3 meals and three snacks every day (and limit my calorie intake to 1300). This keeps my metabolism up and ensures I am not ravenous in the evening.
These strategies have allowed me to stop snacking mindlessly. For more strategies on how to stop mindlessly snacking check out my blog “Stop Those Cravings” from January 18, 2012. 

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