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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stop Those Cravings!

One of the many things I found intriguing about the book "How the Rich Get Thin" is the chapter on cravings.

Recommendations to Stop Cravings at Night:
“High calcium power snacks stop cravings. Make sure your night time snack is calcium rich- dairy products are high in L-tryptphan and calcium. Calcium has been shown to benefit weight  reduction and it is also a natural sleeping aid. Skim milk sprinkled with cinnamon, fat free yogurt and low fat cheese stops cravings, strengthen bones and help you lose weight while you sleep.” Jana Klauer M.D. (How the Rich Get Thin)

Recommendations to Stop Cravings During the Day:
“Avoid simple carbohydrates (i.e.cookies and cake) and chocolate during the day. These will raise blood sugar and stimulate hunger.”

“A study of overweight adolescent boys found that when they started the day with a breakfast of eggs they reported less hunger before lunch and consumed fewer calories than did a comparison group of boys who had cereal for breakfast. Make your breakfast high protein and you will cut your desire to eat snacks!” Jana Klauer M.D.(How the Rich Get Thin)

I tried her night time recommendation and it works! I will try her daytime recommendation next!

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