Do you want to lose 10, 30, 50 or more pounds? Have you recently reached your weight loss goal but want to maintain it? Are you willing to dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle? Then this blog is for you!

I have lost 118 pounds and have maintained the weight loss for two years. One of the things I have learned during the weight loss process is that it is much easier to reach and maintain your goal weight if you surround yourself with like-minded individuals to support you in the process (whether they be in person or online).

I also have learned that learning as much as possible about healthy living gives you the knowledge and expertise needed to lose weight the “right” way. So this blog includes regular posts, a book list, website list, TV list, video list and book and website of the month. In addition, there is a recipe of the month and product review section. Visitors to Weight Loss Aficionado can just enjoy the site for informational purposes or can comment on posts, ask questions, share resources, their triumphs and pitfalls during the weight loss process.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Learn As Much As You Can About Dieting!

When I first started my diet I went on the public library website and read through the descriptions of all the diet books they had then made a list of the ones I wanted to read. The website allows you to create lists once you have a library card # and pin. They are saved in your account for whenever you want to review them. You can even add comments! So,  I use my account to keep track of the books I read and whether I liked them. This began my addiction to diet/ healthy living books. On average I read 2 healthy living/ diet books a month. If I really like the book and want it for future reference I then buy it at the book store to add to my personal library.

I also started watching TV shows that could educate me and/or give me the inspiration to stick to my diet. My two favorites are the Doctor Oz Show (knowledge) and Dance Your Ass Off (inspiration and new dance moves).

I also subscribed to Shape magazine and Weight Watchers magazine. The articles inspire me and keep me on track. Shape magazine has great exercise and diet tips and Weight Watchers magazine has great recipes and inspirational stories.

Lastly, I started renting exercise videos. I always wanted to learn self defense so most of them are martial arts type videos. If you have a netflix account there are an enormous amount of exercise videos available for streaming. Books, TV shows, magazines and videos have given me such great knowledge and understanding of nutrition and exercise. So educate yourself! Read a book, watch a TV show, subscribe to a magazine, or rent a video!

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