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I have lost 118 pounds and have maintained the weight loss for two years. One of the things I have learned during the weight loss process is that it is much easier to reach and maintain your goal weight if you surround yourself with like-minded individuals to support you in the process (whether they be in person or online).

I also have learned that learning as much as possible about healthy living gives you the knowledge and expertise needed to lose weight the “right” way. So this blog includes regular posts, a book list, website list, TV list, video list and book and website of the month. In addition, there is a recipe of the month and product review section. Visitors to Weight Loss Aficionado can just enjoy the site for informational purposes or can comment on posts, ask questions, share resources, their triumphs and pitfalls during the weight loss process.

Friday, January 27, 2012

How Do I Choose A Diet Program?

I personally have tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and Volumetrics. Volumetrics in my opinion is great to use with whatever diet you are on. It is common sense portion control! You can also use the calorie counting method of dieting which is what I used, but if you are new to dieting or have been unsuccessful with dieting in the past then, in my opinion,  an organized diet program is best for you.
  1.  The first thing you should do is your research. There were two recent studies done one by Consumer Reports and another by US News and World Report. I featured them both in past blogs. You can start there. You should also, of course, visit the websites of any diets that sound interesting to you and get more information. In addition speak to friends and colleagues and see what diets have worked for them.
  2.   Second, keep in mind your lifestyle when choosing a diet. For example if you have a family at home Weight Watchers might be the right choice because you can cook the meals for your entire family. Whereas, if you are a single professional Jenny Craig might be the right choice for you because the meals are pre-packaged and taste great!
  3. Third, keep in the mind the type of support you need. Do you want to meet new people and share your successes and difficulties or would you prefer to meet one on one with a counselor for individualized support. If you want the “fellowship” Weight Watchers might be the right choice for you because after you weigh in you sit down with a group of individuals led by a diet counselor and have the opportunity to share and ask questions.  Whereas if you want one on one attention Jenny Craig might be the right choice for you because you get to sit down with a weight loss counselor one on one in her office for support and the weigh in.
  4. Lastly, keep your taste buds in mind. Your diet will be more successful if you enjoy the food! Jenny Craig meals taste great! It’s like gourmet pre-packaged dining. Whereas, with Weight Watchers you can cook your own food and there is the option of WW frozen meals which taste pretty good. Nutrisystem in my opinion needs to work on creating tastier food!
So do your research, think about your lifestyle, the support you need and your taste buds when choosing a diet plan. If you choose a diet and it doesn’t work for you then try another! But, once you start a diet program it is important that you follow it to the tee! You cannot make an educated decision as to whether it works for you if you don’t follow the plan properly!

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